Emergence Groups have a format much like that of a peer advisory board, serving start-ups and small businesses with revenues from $100k and up to $5M. The groups focus on Spirit-led Kingdom business, practical small business growth and peer accountability.

Group Chemistry

Emergence Groups are comprised of 8-10 small business owners and/or operators, meeting monthly for 2-4 hours (depending whether the group is meeting online or in person). They are meant to train and empower members in Kingdom business, general business principles as well as connect them to other Kingdom business leaders for greater collective impact and peer accountability.

Group Objectives


Teaching, training and provoking business owners to partner with God in all they do is at the core of what Emergence is. We believe that business isn’t a second rate calling and God wants to do business with us.


Many of those in our target demographic will greatly benefit from basic business principles such as managing cash flow, accounting, HR, scaling the business, marketing, sales, etc.


A natural, yet strategic byproduct of these groups will be the relational networks that form. This is one of the main reasons we continue to see great interest in Emergence Groups. People want to be connected with and doing business with other Kingdom Businesses.


Accountability is something that we will encourage within our groups from both a personal and professional perspective. Members will be able to hold each other accountable to goals that will help move them forward in multiple areas of their lives.

Group Events

1st Wednesday of the Month
At 8:30 AM EST
Kingdom Insurance 515 N Broad St Thomasville, GA 31792 Map It