One of the most famous passages of scripture on prayer is the model Jesus gave the disciples when they asked him,”teach us how to pray”. In today’s post we are going to break down how you can use this format that Jesus gave to pray for your business! It is more powerful then you may think!

We are going to break down Matthew 6:9-13 into 7 segments and show how this can be a powerful framework to pray for your business!

#1 Proper Perspective

This prayer starts with a recognition that God is in Heaven and his name is holy. I believe this offers a good reset where we realize He alone is God and He is worthy of praise, honor and worship.

#2 Surrender to his authority and inviting his guidance into every area of life.

Inviting and declaring God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done is one of the best things we can do for our life, especially our businesses. Pray for the will of God and the kingdom of God to be established in your business.

#3 Seek his provision

I love that God has named himself Jehovah Jireh, our provider. God desires to be our provider. When we seek him first he promises to become our provision. This is a great time for us to align mentally and spiritual proclaiming that we don’t want anything outside of what God wants for us. I have wasted many months and years seeking provision instead of seeking the Lord. Matthew 6:31-33 teaches us when we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness that he provides!

#4 Asking for forgiveness and extending it

Is there anything you need to repent of and ask forgiveness for? Now’s the time! I take this time and ask the Holy Spirit to search my heart and make me aware of anyone I’m harboring un forgiveness towards. If God reminds you of something or someone be quick to make it right! (This may include you going to someone and asking for their forgiveness. Potentially even someone within your organization a boss, someone who reports to you or a peer. I have had numerous occasions where someone came to me and apologized for being bitter towards me and holding un forgiveness and I had no idea what they were talking about! Point being, this is probably affecting you more than it is them. Stop self inflicting harm and walk in forgiveness.

#5 Ask for supernatural direction

Jesus says, “lead us not into temptation” I take this time to ask God to lead me supernaturally into what he has for me, my business and my family. He is the great Shepard meaning he goes before us leading us where we need to go, we need only follow him into the fullness of what he has prepared.

#6 Acknowledgment of divine right

This is a BIG ONE for business owners. I never skip over this. For YOURS is the Kingdom YOURS is the power and YOURS is the glory. As men and women who lead businesses our culture and industries are consumed with people who hunger and thirst for power, glory and a kingdom built to bring personal fame and affirmation. This is the most dangerous place to be. I believe this is the original sin and the way lucifer fell. He desired Gods honor, glory and kingdom. These three things are the divine right of our holy God. Acknowledging this in spirit and truth is essential to maintaining a proper alignment with him.

#7 Faith in God

When we end a prayer with in Jesus name Amen it isn’t a verbal signature that indicates we are signing off. This is where we declare that we believe we have these things we ask because of who Jesus is and who He has made us!

As you pray for your businesses this week I encourage and challenge you to walk through this and see what ways the Holy Spirit uses this framework to guide you in prayer. God loves it when we come to him in prayer and this is a great way for us to tap into the heart of what Jesus taught his disciples. My prayer is you pray like Jesus for your business this week and that time is used to bring you and your organization into alignment with the perfect will of God!